Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder For Welding Pouch Cell Tab

Ultrasonic battery tabs metal spot welder is commonly used for metal welding in the winding and lamination process. It has the characteristics of small size, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, firm structure, stable and safe use and so on.

Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder For Welding Pouch Cell Tab


Model No#HS-D2020AHS-D2030AHS-D2040A
Working air pressure0.05-0.9MPa0.05-0.9MPa0.05-0.9MPa


Ultrasonic metal welding machines are developing fastest in industrial metal welding applications, especially secondary batteries, which are considered the best choice for lithium-ion batteries in the production field. The automotive industry, as well as the area used for welding the surface of metal materials and the surface of the limited area, have excellent performance in the manufacture of electronic components.


1. Consistent high-quality welding with extremely short cycle time

2. Easy-to-use ergonomic desktop design

3. Competitive initial cost and low-cost replacement tools

4. Ensure uniform welding quality through integrated constant welding parameters

5. Easy to set up, maintain and operate

6. Can be customized automation

7. The overall frame is stable and has a long life


1. Lithium-Ion / Lithium Polymer Battery Connections

2. Aluminum and Copper Foils

3. Photovoltaic Cell Connections (Solar)

4. DC Power Connections (Solar)

5. Air Bag Sensors

6. Coils

7. Connectors

8. Contacts

9. Gang Welds

10. Heat Sinks

11. Magnetic Coils

12. Motors Relays

13. Ribbon Cables

14. Sensors Switches

15. Transformers




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