Ultrasonic Metal Rotary Welding Machine For Solar Plate

Ultrasonic Metal Rotary Welding Machine For Solar Plate

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Ultrasonic Metal Rotary Welding Machine For Solar Plate

ultrasonic metal rotary welding



Ultrasonic metal roll welder is a device for welding metal sheets, metal foils and metal tubes by means of ultrasonic metal welding.

Suitable for solar collectors, solar collectors, solar panels, amorphous silicon solar panels, copper plates, etc.

Brazing with copper, copper and brazed pipes, copper foil and brazed pipe, plate and copper and aluminum pipe welding, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, heating pipe copper-aluminum welding, aluminum corrugated sheet processing, solar flat fins, electric heating appliances, solar energy Water heaters, copper and aluminum plate splicing, etc.





Item No                                                                QR-G2030A                                                                 
Air Pressure0.05-0.9MPa
Dimension of deviceCustomized
Dimension of Generator540*380*150mm
Working ModeContinuous
Welding Speed2-15m/min


Main Advantage:


1. Fast heating: minimum heating speed is less than 1 second (heating rate can be used for adjustment and control)

2. Wide heating range: it can be used to heat various metal parts (replace removable induction coil according to different shapes).

3. Easy installation: once connected with power supply, induction coil, water supply pipe and riser pipe, it can be used; It is small in size and light in weight.

4. Easy to operate: you can learn to operate in a few minutes.

5. Quick start: the heating operation can be started when water and power are available.








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