Economical Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder With Special Steel Welding Head 20kHz

Economical Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder With Special Steel Welding Head 20kHz

Altrasonic Ultrasonic welder for solar heat collecting plate is suitable for welding application like solar heat collecting plate (welding cooper tube and aluminum foil;cooper tube and cooper foil; welding multiple cooper tube of the whole plate), solar water heater (welding heat exchange tube onto the plate).

20Khz Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder with Special Steel Welding Head





Ultrasonic metal welding is a fast, clean and economical technology that is widely used in various automation industries.

The ultrasonic metal welding process is a process between cold press welding and friction welding that utilizes high density energy generated by high frequency mechanical vibration. The mechanical vibration of the welding head of the ultrasonic metal welding is parallel to the surface of the workpiece. During welding, the static pressure acts perpendicularly on the welding surface through the welding head, and at the same time superimposes the shearing force of the high-frequency vibration. When the shearing force exceeds the elastic limit of the material, the part of the contact surface of the workpiece begins to slip. This shearing force During the welding process, the direction is continuously changed at a frequency of tens of thousands of times per second, and the dirt on the surface of the workpiece is broken and removed. The surface of the pure metal begins to contact in multiple points. With the continuation of high-frequency vibration, the area of pure metal is continuously expanded. Until it expands into the entire weld zone, at the same time atom diffusion occurs on the contact surface, and the metal recrystallizes to form a fine grain structure and exhibits cold metal deformation characteristics.





Item NoHS-D2020AHS-D2030AHS-D2050A
Air Pressure0.05-0.9MPa0.05-0.9MPa0.05-0.9MPa
Weight of horn55KG60KG88KG
Dimension of Horn550*280*380mm550*280*430mm550*380*660mm
Generator Size540*380*150mm540*380*150mm540*380*150mm



What are the advantages of ultrasonic metal spot welding machine?


Ultrasonic welding is a new type of welding process. It is gradually replaced by the previous methods of screw fixing and adhesive bonding because of its advantages of high efficiency, quickness, cleanliness, and consumables. When welding metal with an ultrasonic metal spot welder, no flux, gas or solder is required between the contact surfaces, and the fastness after welding is also higher than the original material. Moreover, the ultrasonic metal spot welding machine has low requirements on the surface of the welded metal, and can be welded by oxidation or electroplating. The welding time is also very short, the general workpiece can be welded within one second, and the whole process is non-sparking, environmentally safe.


Of course, the ultrasonic metal spot welding machine will also have some shortcomings. The welded metal parts should not be too thick, generally less than or equal to 3mm, and the welding points should not be too large, and need to be pressurized.

1). High reliability of ultrasonic metal spot welding machine:
Ultrasonic welding guarantees excellent process control through welding time, curing time and delay time.
2). Ultrasonic metal spot welding machine cost savings:
Consumables such as solder, flux, bends and brass materials are avoided, making ultrasonic welding a process with excellent economics.
3). Ultrasonic metal spot welding machine has low energy consumption: the energy required for ultrasonic welding is less than 1/3 of flame welding or brazing
4). Tool life:
Ultrasonic tools are precision machined steel with excellent wear resistance, easy installation and high welding precision.
Each welding tool head has two or more working faces.
5). Ultrasonic metal spot welding machine high efficiency:
The welding time can be adjusted according to actual requirements, and the typical welding speed does not exceed 0.5 seconds.
6). Ultrasonic metal spot welding machine automation potential:
Small size, low maintenance workload and strong adaptability make ultrasonic equipment the first choice for automated assembly lines.
7). Ultrasonic metal spot welder low operating temperature:
Since ultrasonic welding does not generate a large amount of heat, it does not anneal the metal workpiece, does not melt the appendage, and does not require cooling water.
8). Ultrasonic metal spot welding machine effectively compensates:
Due to the placement position or parameter setting error, it can continue to work in the case of insufficient soldering, enhance or repair the imperfect parts.

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