20K Ultrasonic Wire Splicer Welder For Cooper And Aluminum Wire

20K Ultrasonic Wire Splicer Welder For Cooper And Aluminum Wire

Description: ultrasonic metal welding machine is the high frequency vibration between the work piece surface, until the contact surface heating and welding together. As copper, silver, nickel chromium canwelding to dot or strip, which can be widely applied to the silicon chip fuses, quick fuse...
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20K Ultrasonic Wire Splicer Welder for Cooper and Aluminum Wire


Altrasonic ultrasonic wire splicer can be used for welding of metal wires, cooper and aluminum wires, pre-crimped wire, metal  stranded wire, terminal, wire/conductor for battery etc. It can be widely used for applications like car, electronics, generator, communication devices, instrument and etc. 



1. Operated easily, no need for professions thus low labor cost.

2. Automatic program for welding process, high production efficiency.

3. Optimized welding process, no need of accessory material for welding, fast welding speed, and high energy efficiency.

4. Electronic protection circuit for safety;easy to operate

5. Compact design, advances structural design makes this machine light and portable

6. Welding tip with high quality steel, robust and durable 

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1. What is the maximum thickness of metal welding?

  •    Generally less than or equal to 5mm.

  • 2Can you weld different metals?

  •    Yes, ultrasonic welding can weld metals of different properties

  • 3.Can you customize the welding horn?

  •    Yes, we will customize the welding horn according to your specific requirement.