20K Ultrasonic Metal Welding For Solar Panels With Digital Generator

20K Ultrasonic Metal Welding For Solar Panels With Digital Generator

Description: ultrasonic metal welding machine is the high frequency vibration between the work piece surface, until the contact surface heating and welding together. As copper, silver, nickel chromium canwelding to dot or strip, which can be widely applied to the silicon chip fuses, quick fuse...

20K Ultrasonic Metal Welding for Solar Panels with Digital Generator


Ultrasonic metal welding uses high frequency vibration waves to transfer to the metal surface to be welded. Under pressure, the two metal surfaces rub against each other to form the fusion between the molecular layers.

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The welding material is not melting, not fragile metal characteristics.

Good electrical conductivity after welding, low resistivity or near zero.

Low requirement for welding metal surface, oxidation or plating can be welded.

Short welding time, no flux, gas, solder.

No spark welding, environmental protection and safety.


  • The wires fuse with each other, forming one and more wires fuse with each other.

  • The copper foil of lithium battery and polymer battery is fused with nickel plate, and the aluminum foil is fused with aluminum plate.

  • Nickel metal hydride battery nickel metal hydride battery nickel mesh and nickel piece mutual melting and nickel piece mutual melting.

  • Wires fuse with various electronic components, contacts and connectors.

  • A variety of household appliances, automotive supplies large heat dissipation seat, heat exchange fins, honeycomb core mutual melting.

  • Electromagnetic switch, non-fuse switch and other large current contacts, different metal sheet mutual melting.

  • Sealing tail of metal pipe, water and air - tight can be cut off


1. What is the maximum thickness of metal welding?

  •    Generally less than or equal to 5mm.

  • 2Can you weld different metals?

  •    Yes, ultrasonic welding can weld metals of different properties

  • 3.Can you customize the welding horn?

  •    Yes, we will customize the welding horn according to your specific requirement.


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