Ultrasonic High Frequency Generator Welding Machine With 20kHz 2000watt Converter

20kHz 2000watt ultrasonic welding system is suitable for 3ply mask blank making and mask ear loop welding. The system is easy to be installed on the mask making machine , and play a important role is mask producing.

Ultrasonic High Frequency Generator Welding Machine with 20kHz 2000watt Converter

Description :

With the outbreak of the global epidemic, the demand for masks has become larger and larger, and will definitely become a necessity in people's daily lives in the future. The mask manufacturing industry will usher in unprecedented opportunities, and the demand for ultrasonic welding equipment will increase accordingly. Ultrasonic welding system is the most important component of welding equipment, it will determine the stability, reliability, and fastness of welding.

This 20kHz 2000watt ultrasonic device consists of an assembled generator, a high conversion rate transducer, a zero-loss booster and a steel horn. It can be installed on the mask blank making machine or the ear band spot welding machine. With the stable wave of the ultrasonic welding system, the production efficiency can be guaranteed.

Specification : 

Frequency : 20kHz 

Power : 2000watt

Voltage : 110V/220V

Generator : Analog

Welding horn : 110*20mm

Advantages :

1. Stable continuous wave

2. Can be manually tuned

3. With automatic alarm function

4. The welding effect is obvious

5. Space saving

6. Simple operation

7. Fast delivery time

8. Can be mass produced

9. Exclusive supply

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