Ultrasonic Generator With Ultrasonic Transducer 15kHz 2600Watt And Ultrasonic N95 Mask Welding Machine

15kHz 2600Watt Ultrasonic welding machine,Used for welding various masks and non-woven products, with good welding effect

Ultrasonic Generator with Ultrasonic Transducer 15kHz 2600Watt and Ultrasonic N95 mask welding machine



Item No.: HS-W15 Frequency: 15kHz Power: 2600Watt Booster: Steel



1. Lightweight Thanks to their plastic housing, the ultrasonic hand welding units are extremely light yet also robust

2. Ergonomic shape The weight of the ultrasonic hand welding guns is perfectly balanced thanks to their design, making them feel even lighter to handle as a result 3. Service friendly The converter can be changed over in no time

4. Convenient working Operating the hand unit is simple, safe, comfortable and intuitive

5. Air cooling for the sonotrode and the converter is pre-integrated in the hand unit and should be used as required







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