Non-woven Mask Ear Band Ultrasonic Spot Welder 35khz 800watt

This equipment adopts the principle of ultrasonic welding, which can weld the mask ear band to the mask body. The operation is completed by one worker. It is simple and convenient and is a large mask factory equipment.

Non-woven mask ear band ultrasonic spot welder 35khz 800watt



Working principle:

A 50 / 60HZ current is converted into a high-frequency alternating current by an ultrasonic generator, and the electric energy is input to an ultrasonic transducer to generate a mechanical motion of the same frequency. The welding head transmits the received vibration energy to the action area of the joint of the workpiece to be welded, and the energy is converted into thermal energy by friction to melt the plastic. The short-term pressure maintained on the workpiece after the vibration stops causes the two weldments to solidify in a molecularly linked manner. Generally the welding time is less than 1 second, and the obtained welding strength is comparable to the body.



1. Designed for spot welding of mask earbands, with high production efficiency and simple operation;

2. It can be used for welding of flat surface, inner / outer ear band, cup mask, duckbill type and other special-shaped masks.

3. Adopts infrared fixed point, the movable mold is more convenient to operate, and can meet the welding requirements of various earbands

Machine performance:

1. The machine is small and flexible in design and easy to operate.

2. It can be used for welding of flat, inner / outer ear bands, cup masks, duckbill type and other special-shaped masks.

3.After the mask body is manufactured, the ear bands are welded manually, the operation is simple, and the contacts are firm and beautiful. Skilled workers finish welding 10-12 pieces of mask earbands per minute.


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