Non Woven Disposable Mask Welding Machine 15kHz Generator 2600watt Transducer

Ultrasonic welding system is suit for mask welding such as 3ply surgical mask and N95 mask.

Non Woven Disposable Mask Welding Machine 15kHz Generator 2600watt Transducer

Description : 

Using Ultrasonic welding, there is no adhesives, screws, connective bolts or soldering materials and necessary.The possibilities for ultrasonic applications are broad. The process is very fast and can be automated very easily. The machines can be installed anywhere since no exhaust or heat has to be removed and therefore no ventilation system is required. The applied heat occurs only in the joining area, avoiding any temperature changes or surface damage to the plastic parts. The joints are repeatable, clean and precise.

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1. Our factory Machines produced with good quality parts, and competitive price. Machine warranty is for One year, for all the machines itself quality problems which in normal use and under warranty, we'll provide maintenance and provide machine parts free of charge.

2. For all our machines before delivery at least be testing 24-48 hours before delivery.

3. After-sale service: if there is any problem in Customer's place, we'll helping to checking out the problem and provide the machine parts for replace free of charge, if can't to solve please return to us for a new one replace.

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