Integrated Automation Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Plastic Welding

The function of the 40khz 500w ultrasonic transducer is to convert the input electrical power into mechanical power (ie, ultrasonic waves) and then pass it out, while consuming a small portion of the power itself.

Integrated Ultrasonic Welding Machine


This BRAND NEW type of Ultrasonic Welding Machine was reserched and developed for more than 2 years by our company. it adopts high performance tamper-proof microprocessor, realizing the electronic control, welding manage all control parameters by microcomputer, frequency control system, intelligent discharge the inconvenience of manual FM, sonic overload automatic detection, when the real track best resonance point, vibration group keep in low temperature, welding head temperature increase while the frequency will change accordingly, the machine automatically adjustment make it running more stable.


Toy industry: Such as toy gun, water gun, telephone and rag baby etc.
Electronic industry: The gum case of watch, nylon watch band, calculator, sound box wraps hull, cell phone battery etc.

Automotive industry: Car light, automotive interior parts etc.

Packing industry: Disguise box, PVC packing box, toothpaste tube etc.

General business ware: The inkjet cartridge, video cassette rack, tape box, computer disk etc.

Competitive Advantage:

I. High stability
II. Automatic frequency searching
The automatic frequency searching function make it more easy and safe in all kinds of applications.
III. The output is strong
The application of IGBT power module makes the output power more than 1.5 times of the traditional self-excited circuit.
IV. Amplitude stepless adjustment
The amplitude can be instantly increased or decreased in the adjustment process, it can effectively reduce puncture and scald, and have the monitoring function of defective products. It is more suitable for automatic matching and the range of setting amplitude is 10%~100%.




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