High Quality 20kHz Ultrasonic Welding System With Digital Generator

High Quality 20kHz Ultrasonic Welding System With Digital Generator

Ultrasonic welding uses high-frequency vibration waves to transmit to the surfaces of two objects to be welded. Under pressure, the surfaces of the two objects rub against each other to form a fusion between molecular layers.

High Quality 20kHz Ultrasonic Welding System With Digital Generator


Ultrasonic Non-woven fabric converter mainly used in the mask welding, which including surgical mask,  cup-shaped mask,  zipper welding, install easily and stable, with the good quality. This product is used the ultrasonic technology, by the ultrasonic high frequency vibration, under the setting time and pressure, quickly produce friction and heat, let the two sides of plastic products melt together, welding quickly and beautifully. Our company also supplies ultrasonic power generator frequency (15khz, 20khz, 28khz, 35khz, etc.), please contact for details.


Frequency: 20kHz

Power: 2000w

Weight: 20kg

Generator: Digital 

Horn: 110*20mm

Working Temperature:5ºC-50ºC

Packing: Wooden box


1. Powerful, high quality, stable welding.

2. Full digital circuit control, strong anti-interference ability.

3. The system power, amplitude and running time can be adjusted in real time, with overvoltage and overload alarm protection.

4. The man-machine interface is good, the overall design of the chassis is firm and beautiful, and it is easy for the operator to control.

5. Accurately display frequency, power and operating status.

6. The size of the horn can be customized according to your needs.

7. Welding amplitude range up to 10-100 (1% accuracy).

8. Energy conversion rate is greater than 95%.

9. The impedance is very small, less than 7 ohms, greatly reducing the heat and loss of the transducer.

Product List:

1. Ultrasonic Digital Generator: 1pc

2. Ultrasonic Transducer with Booster: 1pc

3. Ultrasonic Steel Horn: 1pc 

4. Power Cable: 1pc

5. Control Cable: 1pc

6. Transducer Cable: 1pc

7. Flange: 1pc

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