High Power Ultrasonic Welding System Applied To 3ply Surgical Mask Making Machine

20kHz 2000watt ultrasonic welding system is suitable for non-woven surgical mask making, the whole system contains generator , converter with booster and welding horn.

High Power Ultrasonic Welding System Applied to 3ply Surgical Mask Making Machine

Description :

Due to the popular epidemic, the surgical mask becoming the best-selling product in 2020.

The large demand for masks has ushered in unprecedented opportunities in tha mask manufacturing industry. Our company is committed to the supply of ultrasonic welding systems, which are an indispensable part of mask production machines. In order to guarantee the maximum production effciency and production stability, we have launched 20kHz 2000watt ultrasonic welding system. It has played a very improtant role in the recent mask production.

The 20kHz ultrasonic welding system can be installed in the mask blank making machine, or in the automatic ear loop spot welding equipment. Its high power can be showed in the production of mask blanks, and the maximum productivity can reach 100-120 pieces per minute, while ensuring the firmness and stability of welding.


Specification : 

Frequency: 20kHz

Max Power: 2000Watt

Voltage: 110V/220V , 50-60Hz

Working temperature: 5℃-50℃
Generator: Analog
Welding horn: 110*20mm , 160*20mm , 200*20mm


Features :

1. Short welding times (in the order of tenth of seconds)

2. Aesthetic perfection

3. Waterproof welding stable for a long time

4. Labor savings

5. Energy-efficient

6. Flexibility

7. Possibility of welding even in the presence of foreign bodies

8. Excellent mechanical seal

9. Eliminating the use of solvents and adhesives.

Application :

1. Mask blank making

2. Mask ear loop welding 

3. Non-woven welding

4. Etc.

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