Fast Delivery High Production Efficiency Environmentally Friendly Non-woven Ultrasonic Welding Machine

High-quality, stable and excellent 20khz ultrasonic power supply with 2000w power for sonochemical equipment

20khz Ultrasonic Transducer With Generator 20khz 2000w Ultrasonic Welding Machine


Frequency: 20khz

Power: 2000w

The size of horn: 110*20mm

Type: HS-W20

Voltage: 220v

Amplitude: 8um


20KHZ Ultrasonic Transducer With 4 Ceramic Pieces 5020-4D with competitive price, excellent quality, long service life, and customizable products


1.original piezoelectric ceramic transducer, stable output; 2.Titanium alloy horn, durable; 3.high welding stability; 4.Imported high-quality components are assembled with reliable performance.





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