Ear Loop Spot Welder With Carrier Power 800watt Frequency 35kHz

35kHz 800watt ultrasonic welder is suitable for ear loop welding , which is manually. This product has small demesions and weight , it's easy to carry and operate.

Ear Loop Spot Welder with Carrier Power 800watt Frequency 35kHz

Description :

The whole production of surgical mask contains the blank making , ear loop welding and packing.

The ultrasonic welding for mask ear loop including inner welding which is automatic and outside welding with manual. Here this type is suitable for manually operating , and quite easy for producing.

Specification : 

Frequency: 35kHz

Max Power: 800Watt

Voltage: 110V/220V , 50-60Hz

Generator: Analog
Weight: 31.8kgs

Size: 46*41*53cm


1. Short welding times (in the order of tenth of seconds)
2. Aesthetic perfection
3. Waterproof welding stable for a long time
4. Labor savings
5. Energy-efficient
6. Flexibility
7. Possibility of welding even in the presence of foreign bodies
8. Excellent mechanical seal
9. Eliminating the use of solvents and adhesives.


Non-woven mask

Disposable medical mask 

Medical surgical mask 

Plane face mask


Workshop : 


CE : 


Shipping :


Payment allowance :



3 times old test to confirm the products is well quality.

20 technician work together , and learn together , to improve our products.

48 hours working time to test the stability of our product before sending out.


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