Currently Popular Ultrasonic Items With 20kHz 2000watt Power Generator And Converter System

20kHz 2000watt ultrasonic welding system is suitable for non-woven surgical mask making, the whole system contains generator , converter with booster and welding horn.

High Power Ultrasonic Welding System Applied to 3ply Surgical Mask Making Machine

Description :

The working principle of the ultrasonic welding system is to converter the acoustic energy emitted by the generator into mechanical energy through the transducer , and then transmit the amplitude to the welding tool head through the amplitude adjustment rod , and generate heat to form the fusion between the surface and the surface , point and point to weld the two together.

In recent period , the 20kHz 2000watt ultrasonic welding system has played a very important role in the production of masks. The complete set contains generator and converter and welding horn. It's suitable for welding 3ply surgical mask , sealing flat mask , blank mask making machine , etc. And it's easy to be installed on the machine while showing a pretty well capacity.

The non-woven fabric layer of the medical mask in mainly made of polypropylene fiber material with high solubility , which belongs to the fiber material with high solubility of polypropylene products. Ultrasonic welding system can weld non-woven fabrics well , enviromental freindly , sterile , efficient and strong.



Specification : 

Frequency: 20kHz

Max Power: 2000Watt

Voltage: 110V/220V , 50-60Hz

Working temperature: 5℃-50℃
Generator: Analog
Welding horn: 110*20mm , 160*20mm , 200*20mm

Advantages :

1. The use of high-quality electronic components assembly.

2. Advanced and reliable protection circuit makes the reliability is greatly improved.

3. FM and frequency automatic compensation , frequency of the digital display.

4. Frequency deviation , working current two meter indication and protection function.

5. According to the customer request interface plug.

6. Has the advantages of simple strcture , easy to repair , cheap.



Ultrasonic Generator: 1pc

Ultrasonic Transducer: 1pc

Ultrasonic Booster: 1pc

Ultrasonic Horn: 1pc

Application :

1. Mask blank making

2. Mask ear loop welding 

3. Non-woven welding

4. Etc.

Workshop : 


CE : 


Shipping :


Payment allowance :



3 times old test to confirm the products is well quality.

20 technician work together , and learn together , to improve our products.

48 hours working time to test the stability of our product before sending out.


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