Ultrasonic Plastic Welder is Applied for A Wide Range of Auto

Ultrasonic Plastic Welder is Applied for A Wide Range of Auto

A Wide Range of Auto Such as Auto Plastic Parts is Welded by Ultrasonic How to use ultrasonic puncture welding technology? It decides by product material, best of same material, or a mixture of materials and other materials. It depends on whether the ultrasonic wave of two kinds material can be...

Ultrasonic Plastic Welder is Applied for A Wide Range of Auto

Altrasonic plastic welding solutions are designed to help automotive parts manufacturers to satisfy their customer’s expectations. We work with you from concept to launch. Beginning with designing your auto parts according to your criteria. Continuing to provide low cost, lean manufacturing solutions and working with you until you meet your customer’s requirements into production.




The high frequency electrical energy is converted by the ultrasonic generator into mechanical motion of a higher frequency, and then the mechanical motion is transmitted to the welding head through a set of amplitude modulator devices that can change the amplitude. The horn transfers the received vibrational energy to the joint of the workpiece to be welded, in which the vibrational energy is converted into thermal energy by friction to melt the plastic. Ultrasound can be used not only to weld hard thermoplastics, but also to fabrics and films.

Application in Auto Industry: 

Car door panel, car door panel acoustic felt, automotive non-woven interior parts spot welding, car dashboard, car dashboard, automotive plastic parts riveting, car bumper, car tire cover, car roof, car trunk non-woven, car Seat cushion non-woven fabric, automobile engine cover, automobile taillight, automobile lampshade, automobile bearing cage, automobile glove box, automobile filter, automobile plastic valve, automobile air commutator, automobile airflow detector, etc.



CE Certification:










what problems should be noticed in the operation of ultrasonic welding machine?

1.  Having a stable voltage hot melt machine, unstable voltage may cause damage to the ultrasonic welding machine

2. When equipment works, do not put your hands under the mold. When the device is pressed down, the pressure is large. If it is put under the mold, the consequences are unthinkable.

3. When changing the welding mold of the vibration friction welding machine, must tighten the mold, if it mot tightened may cause ultrasonic welding machine damage.

4. The welding depth of the product is too deep or too shallow, the depth of the adjustment is adjusted, and the riveting machine is gradually adjusted according to the welding condition of the product.

5. If the welding surface of the product is scalded or scratched, the corresponding part of the mold shall be polished according to the situation of the welding part of the product, or a film shall be placed on the product.This can effectively alleviate the welding surface damage


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