Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine For Soundproof Cotton

Description: The ultrasonic generator, also called ultrasonic driving power supply, electronic box, control box, is an important part of high power ultrasonic system. Main function is to generate high power and high frequency alternating current, drive the ultrasonic transducer. High-power...

Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine for Soundproof Cotton


Auto soundproof cotton welding similar to auto sound-absorbing cotton, the soundproof felt, vibration isolation cushion, auto soundproof piece, non-woven insulation pad, sound proof board, auto carpets, wool felt and so on.

The operation method of ultrasonic hot riveting welding machine of car carpet soundproof cotton felts, first, put the carpet in membranes,  car carpets pedal installed within membranes and press the preloading devicepress the start switch preloading device support, and then put into the long and short of cotton felt, press the switch of welding, car carpet and pedal preloading tooling auto reset after welding is complete, remove the product welding is complete.




What is the characteristics of auto door panel interior trim panel multihead ultrasonic welding machine?

Safety device for starting and emergency stop button, safety grating and honey alarm safety device.

The equipment can also weld left and right symmetry of the car door panel trim interior parts.

The bottom mold adopts pneumatic pressing device, which makes the document more secure.

Adopt PLC controller to control welding time and curing time.

Equipped with pneumatic sliding rail device, the product will slide in automatically and then slip out automatically after welding.

With 28K welding head, a separate ultrasonic welding gun is set at each solder point, which is controlled by two ultrasonic electrical box systems.


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