Ultrasonic Spot Welder 20KHZ

When the ultrasonic role in the thermoplastic plastic contact surface, it will generate tens of thousands of times per second, high frequency vibration, this high-frequency vibration, ultrasonic energy through the ultrasonic wave transmitted to the mold to ultrasonic welding material surface, it will produce high-temperature materials. Plastic contact surface resulting in rapid melting, coupled with stress, it blend and coagulation, so that to achieve the purpose of ultrasonic welding.

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Ultrasonic spot welding is widely employed to manufacture vacuum sealed blister packs in order to get an airtight closure to avoid tampering. Most thermoplastics can be spot welded using ultrasonics.

A custom-made sonotrode penetrates the top layer (the thinner of two parts) and fuses them together. The displaced molten part is then entrapped into a custom-shaped heading on a spot of the top layer, welding at an interface level. This heading’s diameter is on average three times as thick as the first stratum 1mm thick upper part will have approximately a 3 mm raised ring, and a height up to 1mm. The bottom side will show no signs of indentations or markings.

Composite sonotrodes with interchangeable tips are available as standard spot welding components. Tip shape selection and use is quick and simple, allowing for items with a 3 mm thickness to be soldered this way. The bottom layer can be thicker than the top one. The spot binding process is versatile, fast and easy to use, with a manual handgrip that facilitates maneuverability.


Electronic and electrical appliances, auto parts, clothing and packaging, textile industry, environmental industry, medical equipment,the toy industry, communications equipment and other industries.


Machined all sorts of hard materials

Produces fine finished and structured results

Produces less heat

Various hole cut shapes due to vibratory motion of the tool  


Requires a higher degree of integrity and skills

No certified record of radiography

Unnecessary large grain sizes causes defects



CE Certification:






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