Ultrasonic Multihead Welding For Car Carpet Long Cotton Felt

Ultrasonic Multihead Welding For Car Carpet Long Cotton Felt

Ultrasonic welding, like butt welding, spot welding, penetrating welding, riveting, piercing is wildly applied in automotive interiors. Ultrasonic butt welding can be used in reflector and VSS(vehicle speed sensor). Ultrasonic spot welding in sound-proof cotton of engine cover, trunk and wheel casing, and hallstand felt. Ultrasonic penetrating welding in rear spoiler air-inlet grille and air flue of dashboard. Ultrasonic riveting in air outlet of air-conditioner, rear mirror, doorknob, handguard and so on. Ultrasonic piercing in bumper.

Ultrasonic Multihead Welding for Car Carpet Long Cotton Felt

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The principle of ultrasonic welding is through the ultrasonic generator to convert high-frequency electrical energy into higher frequency mechanical movement, then mechanical movement through a set of amplitude can be changed to the transmission device to the welding head. The welding head transmits the received vibration energy to the joint portion of the workpiece to be welded, in which the vibration energy is converted into heat energy by friction and the plastic is melted.

Applications In Automobile: 

Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment is widely used in medical equipment, packaging, auto parts, fishing gear and other industries, such as disposable infusion filters and plasma separation cups, ziplock bags, plastic bottle caps, dishwasher water wheels, plastic toys, car lights, Plastic fake fishing lure, welding of charger case and mobile phone strap, welding of a lighter shell, etc., manufacturing body plastic parts, car door, car car instrument, car lamp mirror, sun visor, interior parts, filter, reflective Materials, reflective spikes, bumpers, cables, plastic filters for motorcycles, radiators, brake fluid tanks, oil cups, water tanks, fuel tanks, ducts, exhaust gas purifiers, tray filter plates, plastic electronics, prepaid Water meter, communication equipment, cordless phone, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone case, battery case, charger, valve-controlled sealed maintenance lead-acid battery, 3-inch floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connector, Bluetooth, Toy stationery, folder, photo album, folding box, PP hollow board, pen holder, ink cartridge, toner cartridge, medical daily use, watch, kitchen utensils, oral liquid bottle cap, drip bottle cap, mobile phone accessories, gold soft brush, daily necessities, hygiene products , children's products, air mattresses, hangers, handles, gardening supplies, kitchen utensils, showers, gold soft brushes, shower heads, anti-counterfeiting Bottle caps, cosmetic caps, coffee makers, washing machines, air dehumidifiers, electric irons, electric kettles, vacuum cleaners, speaker metal covers and civil grilles.





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What are the specifications of ultrasonic welding mold products?

1. Maintain precision, durability.

2. The frequency range is 40KHz--15KHz.

3. The material is imported alloy steel, aviation magnesium aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and so on.

4. The surface of polishing, oxidation, chrome plating and other processing.


What are the main functions of ultrasonic welding molds?

1. Ultrasonic mold according to the shape of the product, must be made of different specifications of the German hot melt equipment;

2. Ultrasonic mold compact body, take up space is small, easy to move

3. Ultrasonic machine mold integrated design, optimization of the product caused by debugging mold scrap.


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