The Ultrasonic Puncture Welder for the Auto Door Panel Welding

The Ultrasonic Puncture Welder for the Auto Door Panel Welding

Description: The ultrasonic generator, also called ultrasonic driving power supply, electronic box, control box, is an important part of high power ultrasonic system. Main function is to generate high power and high frequency alternating current, drive the ultrasonic transducer. High-power...

The Ultrasonic Puncture Welder for the Auto Door Panel Welding

Ultrasonic puncture welding of car door panel welding

The auto door panel welding machine uses the ultrasonic puncture welding technology to weld the two door panels together. the two door plank interior strength meet customer requirements. The equipment is designed to be symmetrical piece welding machine, it adopts PLC control parameters, semi-automatic production is realized.

The application of ultrasonic waves has the following characteristics: Ultrasonic waves have better directivity - the higher the frequency, the stronger the directivity. This is a major consideration in applications such as flaw detection and underwater acoustic communication. When the frequency is high, the wavelength will be shorter accordingly, so the wavelength can be compared with the size of the sample material that propagates the ultrasonic wave, so that the wavelength can be much smaller than the size of the sample data.

This is important in measurement applications where thickness is small and in high resolution flaw detection applications. The sound waves are very quiet and people can't hear them. This is especially important in high-intensity workplaces. These high-intensity work is often more effective when done with sound waves of audible frequencies, but unfortunately, the noise generated by audible sound waves is unbearable, sometimes even harmful to humans.




How to control the temperature of ultrasonic welding machine?

First, the hardness of the material has a large effect on the temperature. The greater the hardness of the material, the better the ability to conduct vibration. When the plastic part is in a molten state, it will be soft, so that the conduction capacity is weakened, the friction between molecules is weakened, and the energy of the ultrasonic wave is stopped in a short time. Therefore, at the time of welding, the temperature of the ultrasonic welding machine needs to be slightly higher than the melting point temperature of the welded plastic part.

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