Special Customized 30K Ultrasonic Handheld Spot Welder

Special Customized 30K Ultrasonic Handheld Spot Welder

Portable ultrasonic spot welding is an assembly technique for joining two thermoplastic components at a local point without the need for preformed holes or energy directors.It is widely used to weld automotive parts in the automotive industry.

Special Customized 30K Ultrasonic Handheld Spot Welder


The principle of ultrasonic welding of spot welding machine is to convert high frequency and high power current into ultrasonic vibration, and transfer it to the interface temperature through the friction between the surface and internal molecules on the plastic workpiece. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, The workpiece interface melts rapidly and then fills the gap between the interfaces; when the vibration stops, the workpiece is cooled and shaped under pressure to achieve perfect welding.


Output power
Housing Diameter
Weight of Welder
Auto parts welding
Welding type
hand-held operation or mounting on the machine


Ultrasonic spot welder is widely used in electronics, auto parts, clothing, packaging, textile industry, environmental protection industry, medical equipment, toy industry, communications equipment and other industries.Examples are as follows:

1.Toy industry: plastic toys, water guns, video games for aquatic creatures, kids dolls, plastic gifts, etc.

2.Electronics: Recording, audio tape cassettes and core wheels, disk boxes, moving boards, mobile phone battery and rectifier transformer, switch, socket, remote control, electronic fly swatter, fake hat, etc.

Competitive Advantages:

1.A stable output amplitude can be maintained even if the load changes significantly.

2.The welding speed is fast and can usually be completed in 1 second.

3.Easy to set time welding.

4.Effective energy saving, healthy and environmentally friendly.

5.Our company wholeheartedly provides pre-sale, sale and after-sales service in equipment design and engineering construction.


Q:What types of tool heads are there?

A:The tool head has a gun type and a cylinder type.


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