Ultrasonic Welding for Multiple Robot Automobile Products

Ultrasonic Welding for Multiple Robot Automobile Products

Match Multiple Automobile products and High Quality of Robot Ultrasonic welding Description: Robotic ultrasonic welding machine is a highly automated ultrasonic welding equipment. The use of robots instead of manual ultrasonic welding operations is the development trend of ultrasonic welding...

Ultrasonic Welding for Multiple Robot Automobile Products

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The robot ultrasonic welding machine of car bottom panel is known as Robotic arm car bottom panel Plastic parts Ultrasonic riveting equipment, It is an automatic equipment that combines the robot with the ultrasonic system. The robot is equipped with ultrasonic welding head to riveted the plastic parts of the car's bottom panel, and make sure that the car bottom panel is installed and the ultrasonic welding document is strong.

Components of Ultrasonic Welding (Horn, Booster and Transducer):

They can amplify the amplitude at a particular ratio step by step. For example, the transducer amplitude is 6mm, the booster can amplify it triply to 18mm, and then the horn can make it to 36mm. However, the work life of horn would be shortened with the amplification of amplitude. The required amplitude differs with the welding material.

Definition of ultrasonic auto plastic welding: Ultrasonic welding is a high-tech technology of sintered plastic products. The use of this technology can replace past production of flux, adhesives, buckles or other mechanical fixation, thereby improving the production efficiency and reduce costs.





  • Multiple sonotrode geometries and anvil designs for various applications available

  • Long lifetime due to individual selection of the sonotrode material suitable for the specific plastic material

  • Best weld results because of exact vibration characteristics of the sonotrode

  • Long lifetime due to FEA-calculation of the best vibration characteristics

  • The innovative mounting device guarantees a stable process with hardly any temperature expansion 



CE Certification:






Do you have the customized service?

1.The voltage of the machine can be 110/220/380/440V, 50/60 Hz. Please confirm us the voltage details when place an order
2.The color of the machine can be customized, please send us the color sample
3.The function of the machine can be customized, such as: PLC control, auto-turntable, robotic, etc


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