The Ultrasonic Puncture Welding for Front Spoiler-Air Dam

The Ultrasonic Puncture Welding for Front Spoiler-Air Dam

Description: The ultrasonic generator, also called ultrasonic driving power supply, electronic box, control box, is an important part of high power ultrasonic system. Main function is to generate high power and high frequency alternating current, drive the ultrasonic transducer. High-power...

The Ultrasonic Puncture Welding for Front Spoiler-Air Dam 

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Ultrasonic welding machine consists of a machine and ultrasonic power generator:

1. The machine has chassis, guide column, transducer, pneumatic system and bottom mold.

2.  Acoustic components from the transducer, the first two parts of the welding head. The transducer uses a piezoelectric vibrator and its function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical vibration. The horn analogy to the transformer in the circuit, plays a role of mechanical damping transformation and amplitude amplification. The welding head is designed according to welding requirements and the shape of the weldment. It also plays a role in secondary impedance transformation and amplitude amplification. From the perspective of structure and shape, the welding head is not complicated, but it needs the best design, the best materials and good processing technology. Welding heads with complex shapes and large sizes are difficult to design and are generally designed by the manufacturer.

3. Pneumatic system powered by compressed air, through the solenoid valve switching circuit, push the piston to drive the welding head up and down movement. Use a pressure regulator to control the air pressure and use a one-way throttle to control the lift speed.

4. Control circuit: The control circuit controls the welding process. The function keys on the panel can set the welding time and delay time according to different welding objects, and then depress the foot switch. The ultrasonic welding machine will automatically complete the welding process.

5. Ultrasonic Power Generator: It provides electrical power to the acoustic components. Because the resonance frequency and impedance of the acoustic components will change greatly during the welding process, the ultrasonic power sounder must have the ability of automatic frequency tracking, and the output power is automatically adjustable by the load. Our ultrasonic wire harness welding machine adopts helix oscillation, automatic frequency tracking, and constant vibration speed control.

What causes the damage to the surface of the product during ultrasonic welding and the fracture or cracking of the joint?

1. High thermal energy directly touches the surface of plastic products

2. Vibration conduction.


1. Reduce pressure.

2. Reduce the delay time (early vibration)).

3. Reduce the welding time.

4. Refer to media coverage (eg PE bags).

5. Mold treatment with a surface treatment (hardened or chrome plated).

6. Reduce the number of machine stages or reduce the expansion ratio of the upper mold.

7. For products that are susceptible to cracking or breaking, the fixture should be made into a buffer, such as a soft resin or a cork stopper (this item does not affect the weld strength).

8. Rupture products add R angles at right angles.




What is Ultrasonic energy transfer characteristics?

The reason why ultrasound is widely used in various industrial sectors is mainly that it has much stronger power than sound waves. Why is there a powerful power? When a sound wave reaches a certain substance, the molecules in the substance also follow the vibration due to the action of the sound wave. The frequency of the vibration and the frequency of the sound wave, the frequency of the molecular vibration determines the speed of the molecular vibration. The higher the frequency, the greater the speed.

The energy obtained by the vibration of matter molecules is not only related to the mass of the molecules, but also determined by the square of the vibration velocity of the molecules. Therefore, if the frequency of the sound waves is higher, the higher the energy of the material molecules, the higher the frequency of the ultrasonic waves than the sound waves. It can be much higher, so it can make the material molecules get a lot of energy; in other words, the ultrasound itself can supply enough power for the material.

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