40kHz Auto Parts Welder With Ultrasonic Solution

40kHz Auto Parts Welder With Ultrasonic Solution

Automotive plastic spot welding machines are welded at specific points on the contact surface of the joint. Spot welding requires plastic parts to have good plasticity.

40kHz Ultrasonic Welder for Auto industry


Automotive plastic spot welding machines, with the ultrasonic generator, it converted 50/60 Hz current to 15, 20, 30 or 40 kHz. The converted high frequency electrical energy is again converted by the transducer into a mechanical motion of the same frequency, and then the mechanical motion is transmitted to the welding head through a set of amplitude modulator devices that can change the amplitude. 

The horn transfers the received vibrational energy to the joint of the workpiece to be welded, in which the vibrational energy is converted into thermal energy by friction to melt the plastic. The short pressure maintained on the workpiece after the vibration stops causes the two weldments to solidify in a molecular link. The welding time is generally less than 1 second, and the resulting weld strength is comparable to that of the body.


Competitive Advantages in Auto parts welding:

  • It adopts imported piezoelectric ceramic crystal, which has high efficiency and long service life. It is a self-cooling ultrasonic generator with a normal temperature cycle. The failure rate is the lowest in the industry.

  • Automotive inner panel spot welding machine aluminum alloy casting overall frame, to ensure the rigidity of the body, equipped with IC control loop design, automatic frequency tracking, overload;

  • The automotive interior parts spot welding machine adopts straight shank or pistol design, and the welding head mold can be designed according to various styles and spot welding specifications;

  • The automobile sound insulation cotton spot welding machine is imported with ultrasonic transducer, the power output is strong and stable, and the qualified products are guaranteed to be welded in batches;

  • The automotive plastic door panel welding machine adopts a light touch switch and an LCD display, which can be adjusted to an accuracy of l/00 second, which is easy to adjust and has a low failure rate;

  • It adopts advanced circuit, program control, pneumatic transmission, automatic over-current protection and safe operation protection circuit. The circuit adopts circuit board plug-in structure, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.

Types of Ultrasonic Welding:

Ultrasonic welding: ultrasonic vibration with ultrasonic welding mould, the ultrasonic welding energy conduction to the plastic surface, resulting in local temperature, so that the plastic surface melting. Under the pressure of the ultrasonic hand, so to weld plastic, beautiful, strong effect.

Ultrasonic implants: the nut screws or other metal into plastic work piece. Ultrasonic energy through the ultrasound machine will be transmitted to the metal. The high-speed vibration and heat, the pressure in the ultrasound machine to make metal objects embedded directly into the plastic inside.

Ultrasonic riveting: the nature of metal and plastic or two different plastic bonding together, can make use of ultrasonic riveting machine, so that the weldment hard brittle, beautiful, strong.


Automotive ultrasonic spot welding machine is suitable for PP, ABS, PMMA, PC, PE, PS, PA, PETG and other plastic materials such as spot welding, chain welding, pressure welding, riveting, cutting, welding and other processes; such as: car door panels, cars Inner guards, automotive interior parts, car insulation cotton, automobile signs, noise boards, truck panels, acoustic blankets, household appliances, non-woven products, stationery spot welding, mobile phone accessories, electrical components riveting, folder positioning, etc. With spot welding process. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, no deformation, no pollution, firm welding and convenient operation. For PE and PP materials with soft welding, and plastic weldments with large diameter and long length, they have unique advantages, can meet the needs of various products, and can contribute to the improvement of production efficiency and product grade for each user.

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