35Khz Ultrasonic Puncture Welder For Automotive Plastic Parts

35Khz Ultrasonic Puncture Welder For Automotive Plastic Parts

Description: The ultrasonic generator, also called ultrasonic driving power supply, electronic box, control box, is an important part of high power ultrasonic system. Main function is to generate high power and high frequency alternating current, drive the ultrasonic transducer. High-power...

35Khz Ultrasonic Puncture Welding for Automotive Plastic Parts

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Ultrasonic puncture welding, also known as energy welding, is a common welding method for automotive plastic parts. The key to welding strength is the design of the penetration welding joint.


Ultrasonic puncture welding effect of plastic parts, no damage on the back of the product.

Ultrasonic puncture welding heads are made of titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and steel. Our company designs custom ultrasonic molds, which can support various brands of ultrasonic welding equipment at home and abroad.





What is Sound pressure characteristics of ultrasonic waves?

When sound waves enter an object, the vibration of the material causes the material molecules to contract and dense, which will change the pressure on the material. Due to the vibration of the sound waves, the additional pressure phenomenon is called sound pressure.


Since the energy of the ultrasonic waves is large, it is possible to cause a significant sound pressure effect on the substance molecules. For example, when the water passes through a normal-intensity ultrasonic wave, the additional pressure generated can reach several atmospheric pressures. The existence of such a large sound pressure in the liquid will cause a phenomenon worthy of attention. When the ultrasonic vibration causes the liquid molecules to contract, it seems that the molecules are subjected to direct pressure in all directions;

When the ultrasonic vibration makes the liquid molecules dense, it seems to be pulled outwards. Regarding the liquid, they are more resistant to the additional pressure, so when the tightening force is encountered, the abnormal situation is not likely to occur. However, under the action of the pulling force, the liquid will not support. In the center of the tension, the liquid will break. This kind of breaking is particularly prone to the presence of impurities or bubbles in the liquid, due to the strength of these central liquids. Low, it can not withstand the tensile force of several times the atmospheric pressure.

As a result of the onset of the rupture, many small bubbles-like cavities are formed in the liquid, which are present for a short period of time and will close at a moment. When the cavity is closed, it will generate a large instantaneous pressure, which can reach thousands of tens of thousands of atmospheric pressures. Under the action of this powerful instantaneous pressure, the temperature will suddenly increase. The large instantaneous pressure caused by the fracture can cause the surface of the solid suspended in the liquid to be sharply damaged. We often call it a cavitation phenomenon. Ultrasonic cleaners are a typical application.

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