35K Ultrasonic Welding For ABS, PE, PP And Other Plastics

35K Ultrasonic Welding For ABS, PE, PP And Other Plastics

Specifications: Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultrasonic in Auto Industry. Advantages: 1. Application in riveting, forming and welding 2. Light weight, easy to take, easy to operate (handheld) 3. Equipped with welding timer 4. Easty to set time welding 5. Equipped with an overload protection...

35K Ultrasonic Welding For ABS, PE, PP and Other Plastics.


mechanical energy by using vibrator.Such mechanical vibration, through the transmission, welding head to the processed materials, using the generated heat energy to break its molecular structure, so that the workpiece surface melting and fusion joints, its solid strength can be compared with the body plastic.

35Khz Ultrasonic digital generator  (7)Ultrasonic Spot Welder (1)

35Khz Ultrasonic digital generator  (5)

 35K Rinco converter with booster (32)



1. Plastic toys, water **, aquarium **, children dolls, plastic gifts, etc.

2. Stationery daily necessities: sealing containers such as stationery box, aquarium ruler, folder seam and shell, pen holder, cosmetic box shell, toothpaste tube seal tail, cosmetic mirror, vacuum cup, lighter, seasoning bottle, etc.;

3. Packaging industry: hollow plate box welding, self-sealing bag welding, etc.


Fast - each welding time is 0.01-9.99 seconds.

Strength - can withstand enough tension.

Quality - exquisite welding effect.

Economy - no glue, save on materials, reduce costs.



CE Certification:





Q:Can i adjust the amplitude for different application?

A:Yes, the amplitude can be adjust by our digital generator, we will send you the detailed instruction after finish the order.

Q:Can i just change the inner transducer if there is something wrong with the parameters?

A:We suggest send it back if there is no professional testing device.The parameters need to be adjust at a reasonable dates .Otherwise, the transducer even the generator will be broken.


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