35K Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Car Parts

35K Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Car Parts

Specifications: Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultrasonic in Auto Industry. Advantages: 1. Application in riveting, forming and welding 2. Light weight, easy to take, easy to operate (handheld) 3. Equipped with welding timer 4. Easty to set time welding 5. Equipped with an overload protection...

35K Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Car parts


The ultrasonic energy is transferred to the welding area by the ultrasonic hand welder through the upper welding piece. The local high temperature will be generated due to the high acoustic resistance at the interface between the two welding areas.Due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastics, they can not be distributed in time and gathered in the welding zone. As a result, the contact surface of two plastics will melt rapidly.When the ultrasound stops working, the pressure is allowed to persist for a few seconds, allowing it to solidify into a solid chain of molecules that can be welded to a strength close to that of the raw material.

 Ultrasonic Spot Welder (9)35khz Ultrasonic Riveting Welding (6)35khz Ultrasonic Riveting Welding (1)



Portable spot welder is widely used in garment industry, trade mark industry, automobile industry, plastic electronics, household products industry and so on.

Garment industry: underwear and underpants stitch process, ribbon elastic welding, etc.Can be used for point drilling.

Label industry: woven label tape, printed label tape and so on.

Auto industry: door sound insulation cotton, wiper, engine cover, water tank cover, etc.

Plastic electronics: small plastic parts riveted, etc.

Household goods industry: fiber cotton spot welding and so on.


Compared with the traditional process (such as adhesive, iron pressing, screw fastening, etc.), it has the remarkable advantages of high production efficiency, good welding quality, environmental protection and energy saving.The portable ultrasonic welding machine is specially used for welding and riveting of plastics, non-woven cloth, leather products, chemical fiber cotton etc.



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Q:Can i adjust the amplitude for different application?

A:Yes, the amplitude can be adjust by our digital generator, we will send you the detailed instruction after finish the order.

Q:Can i just change the inner transducer if there is something wrong with the parameters?

A:We suggest send it back if there is no professional testing device.The parameters need to be adjust at a reasonable dates .Otherwise, the transducer even the generator will be broken.


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