35K 1000W Ultrasonic Spot Welder For Automobile Industry

35K 1000W Ultrasonic Spot Welder For Automobile Industry

Portable ultrasonic spot welding is an assembly technique for joining two thermoplastic components at a local point without the need for preformed holes or energy directors.It is widely used to weld automotive parts in the automotive industry.

35K 1000W Ultrasonic Spot Welder for Automobile industry


Ultrasonic welding transfers energy vertically to the welding surface by high-frequency vibration, causing local high temperatures. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, the wrinkles in the welded area cause the two plastic contact surfaces to melt rapidly, and a certain pressure is applied to fuse them into one.We have our own factories and professional designers. We can manufacture the products you need at competitive prices according to your requirements.



Toy industry
Plastic toys, water guns, aquatic life video game, children dolls, plastic gifts, etc
Electronic products

Recording, audio tape boxes and core wheel, disk enclosure, board of mobile 

phone batteries and rectifier transformers, switches and sockets, remote control,

 electronic swatter, pseudo-imitation caps, etc

Household appliances

Electronic clock, electric trumpeter hairdryer, steam iron water tank, electric kettle 

air-hsiang, computer, etc



Q: What are the methods of ultrasonic plastic welding?

A: Ultrasonic plastic welding methods include spot welding, riveting and inserting.


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