28K 800W Ultrasonic Handheld Spot Welder

28K 800W Ultrasonic Handheld Spot Welder

Specifications: Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultrasonic in Auto Industry. Advantages: 1. Application in riveting, forming and welding 2. Light weight, easy to take, easy to operate (handheld) 3. Equipped with welding timer 4. Easty to set time welding 5. Equipped with an overload protection...

28Khz 800W Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine 


Ultrasonic spot welding is an assembly technique for joining two thermoplastic components at localised points without the necessity for preformed holes or an energy director. Spot welding produces a strong structural weld and is particularly suitable for large parts, sheets of extruded or cast thermoplastic, and parts with complicated geometry and hard-to-reach joining surfaces. 

28Khz Ultrasonic  Welder28Khz Ultrasonic  Welder  (8)28Khz Ultrasonic  Welder  (4)



Model: HS43B-CB

Frequency: 28Khz

Power: 800Watt

Horn: ≤12mm

Weight: 1.2kg

Generator: Digital or Analog generator 


Plastic hardware riveting, welding, embossing, folder location technology, decorative ribbons, spot
welding, rivet welding etc.

Especially well suited for PC、PSU、PA… Riveting, welding, embossing 


Unique metal shell, greater strength.
High quality assurance, power than similar products on the market doubled.
NC power supply, automatic search frequency, power adjustable from 10-100%
Isolation technology, make the product design more humane



CE Certification:





Q:I want to see the performance of my material, can i send you the samples?

A:Yes, you can send us the samples.We will arrange the testing and send you the video of performance.

Q:Can i just change the inner transducer if there is something wrong with the parameters?

A:We suggest send it back if there is no professional testing device.The parameters need to be adjust at a reasonable dates .Otherwise, the transducer even the generator will be broken.

Q:What is the output power of whole system?

A:Generally specking, 500w is enough at low speed.


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