3 Ply Surgical Mask Earband Welding Machine 35kHz Spot Welder

Following the mask body, the elastic bands are welded to the left and right sides of the mask body, respectively, to complete a semi-automatic machine with a complete outer ear mask.

3 ply surgical mask earband welding machine 35kHz spot welder



Frequency: 35kHz

Power: 500Watt

Voltage: 220V

Machine size: 800 * 600 * 1400MM

Capacity: 10--12 tablets / min


This equipment adopts the principle of ultrasonic welding, which can weld the mask ear band to the mask body. The operation is completed by one worker. It is simple and convenient

Unlike the traditional table shape, this one is smaller and lighter.

It is still very popular in the market now, because of its small size, low noise, convenient operation, it is a newly designed style, and it is convenient to transport and save transportation costs.

Control system of the device :

The control system consists of time relay or integrated circuit time timer. The main functions are:First, it controls the operation of the pneumatic transmission system to open the gas path valve under timing control during welding, the cylinder pressurizes to lower the welding horn, press the welded object with a certain pressure, and hold the pressure for a period of time after welding Then, the control system reverses the gas circuit valve to reset the welding horn; 

The second is to control the working time of the ultrasonic generator. This system is to automate the entire welding process. During operation, only the start button generates a trigger pulse, which can automatically complete the entire welding process. The sequence of the entire control system is: the power supply starts a trigger control signal pneumatic transmission system, the cylinder pressurizes the welding head down and presses the welding trigger ultrasonic generator to work, emits ultrasound and maintains a certain welding time removes the ultrasonic emission continues to maintain a certain pressure time to decompress , The welding horn picks up and the welding is over.

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