20kHz 2000watt Ultrasonic Welding Machine With Digital Type Generator

Digital welding system is much more suit for precision working area such as medical and experiment.

20kHz 2000watt Ultrasonic Welding Machine with Digital Type Generator

Description :

Easy to debug and use: the self-matching of voltage, load and power is not complicated for you, our expert patient guidance ensures the resonant frequency of the transducer. Then, the tracking system and simple key adjustment function also allow you to easily adjust the parameters and reduce the failure rate due to errors.

Durable service: In order to ensure the durability and long-term stable operation of the digital generator, the cooling system, overheating system and sturdy steel box have been modified to maximize the protection of the internal circuit board, thus making our generator a cost-effective Choose your long-term vision for business development.

Specification : 

Frequency: 20kHz

Power: 2000watt

Voltage: 110V/220V, 50-60Hz

Working Temperature: 5-50℃

Generator: Digital

Welding Horn: 110*20mm

Features :

1. Frequency automatic tracking & frequency sweeping

2. Constantly adjustable ultrasonic frequency.power.and timer

3. Over-temperature protection and overcurrent protection

4. Computer fault location and display system

5. Display working time.frquency.current by digital.

6. More intuitive and convenient for data observation. 

7. Effective power output which is as high as 98% above.

8. External PLC control switch.

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