20kHz 2000watt Mask Machine Welding System With Well Applied Sonotrode

20kHz 2000watt ultrasonic welding system is suitable for 3ply mask blank making and mask ear loop welding. The system is easy to be installed on the mask making machine , and play a important role is mask producing.

20kHz 2000watt Mask Machine Welding System with Well Applied Sonotrode

Description :

The ultrasonic generator uses the power supply voltage to generate high voltage at the ultrasonic frequency required by each. The generator protects the vibration system from overload, keeps the amplitude (tool movement) at a constant level, and compensates for the varying vibration behavior of different welding tools.

The converter represents the interface between the electrical and mechanical areas. Using the inverse piezoelectric effect, it converts electrical oscillation into mechanical longitudinal vibration and transmits it to a supercharger or ultrasonic generator.

An amplitude converter (often called a booster) increases or decreases the amplitude from the converter. The booster is suspended on the nodal plane, and can also be used to support the chimney and transmit force without vibration in the ultrasonic welding machine.

Ultrasonic welding heads are actual active welding tools that transmit mechanical vibrations to parts. That is, it emits ultrasonic vibration. Depending on its design geometry, the ultrasonic generator can increase or decrease the amplitude.

Specification : 

Frequency : 20kHz 

Power : 2000watt

Voltage : 110V/220V

Generator : Analog

Welding horn : 110*20mm or 160*20mm or 200*20mm

Advantages :

1. Stable continuous wave

2. Can be manually tuned

3. With automatic alarm function

4. Simple operation

5. Fast delivery time

6. Can be mass produced

7. Exclusive supply

Main components :

The complete ultrasonic welding system consists of active and passive components. The active component generates vibration, which is transmitted and applied to the welded component. Passive components absorb the forces generated and keep the components in place, especially supporting welded joints.

1. High frequency analog generator 

2. High conversion rate transducer

3. Lowest amplitude loss booster

4. Strong strength welding horn with steel material

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