20K 2000w Ultrasonic Welding System(ultrasonic Transducer+generator+welding Horn)used In Mask Machine

This ultrasonic system with analog generator,includes ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic power supply, ultrasonic steel horn 110*20mm, which can be used in medical disposable flat mask production line.

20K 2000w ultrasonic welding system(ultrasonic transducer+generator+welding horn)used in mask machine


It can be said that without good ultrasonic, you can't make good mask machines.Ultrasonic generators are usually called ultrasonic electric boxes and ultrasonic power supplies. Its function is to convert 220V or 380V, 50 or 60Hz into a high-frequency alternating current signal that matches the ultrasonic transducer.



1.High efficiency, sanitation and environmental protection

2.The welding surface is smooth,flat and beautiful

3.Replace traditional manual welding

Single set of ultrasound includes:

1. One ultrasonic generator, size 400 * 285 * 145mm 

2. One 20KHz ultrasonic transducer with booster 

3. One ultrasonic steel horn (optional), working surface size 110 * 20mm

4. One power cord: 1.8 meters in length 

5. A control line: 2.5 meters in length, for external ultrasonic start-stop control 

6. Connect one ultrasonic generator and vibrator: Cable length: 2.5 meters

7. A pair of flanges

Transport and Packing:




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