Ultrasonic Milling UV-A For Machining Alumina 20,000 RUM

Ultrasonic Machining is a new mechanical machining process, which can enhance the milling and drilling performance by high frequency micro vibrations. Ultrasonic machine device comprises a generator, transducer, booster and horn.

Ultrasonic Milling UV-A for Machining Alumina 20,000 RUM



Ultrasonic milling (UV-A) is the most classic type of ultrasonic machining. The principle of ultrasonic milling: A constant stream of abrasive slurry passes between the tool and workpiece. The vibrating tool, combined with the abrasive slurry, uniformly abrades the material, leaving a precise reverse image of the tool shape. The tool does not come in contact with the material; only the abrasive grains contact the workpiece.


Item No.: HS-M20

Frequency: 20kHz

Power: 500Watt

Speed: 20,000RPM

Amplitude: 10um or more

Diameter of  Milling: Φ1-Ф13mm                  

Spindle: BT40 / BT50 / R8 / HSK63 / ISO / CAT

(Special spindles are made per request.)


1. Excellent harden and brittle materials machining solutions;

2. Outstanding surface quality;

3. Lower cutting resistance and thermal deformation;

4. Less material damage and rim fragments;

5. Higher efficient machining mode;

6. Smaller micro-drilling hole.


1. Tight-tolerance round thru-holes for semiconductor processing equipment components

2. Micromachined and micro-structured glass wafers for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) applications

3. High-aspect ratio thru-vias; 60-to-1 aspect ratios are possible in glass and advanced material

4. Features machined into Ceramic Matrix Composites for Aerospace manufacturing

20Khz Ultrasonic drilling machine (49)

ultrasonic assisted milling system (37)









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