Ultrasonic Milling Ultrasonic Assisted Machining System

Ultrasonic vibration cutting is a special cutting technology that makes the tool vibrate at a high speed along the cutting direction at a frequency of 20KHz.

Ultrasonic Milling Ultrasonic Assisted Machining System





Handle or foot switch

Power adjusting

step or continuous

Working time control24hours
ultrasonic drilling
GeneratorDigital Generator
Length of cable5m


Ultrasonic vibration cutting is a kind of pulse cutting microscopically. In a vibration cycle, the effective cutting time of the tool is very short, and the tool is completely separated from the workpiece and the chips more than 80% of the time


1. Our ultrasonic generator can be used for continuous welding or intermittent welding;

2. Every set of equipment will be tested 3-4 times before leaving the factory to ensure the quality.

3. Virtually any hard material can be machined

4. Little heat is produced

5. Since the motion of the tool is up-and-down vibration rather than rotation as in traditional machining, the holes cut are not limited to circular shapes but can be any shape. Custom "cookie cutter" tools can cut complicated shapes.

6. Good surface finish and higher structural integrity is obtained

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