Ultrasonic Milling Quotes Spindle With Different Milling Horn

It is a kind of new method of process technology, is the ultrasonic vibration by adding high frequency micro-amplitude in general milling process, to change the machinable property of material. Ultrasonic milling device is constituted by generator, oscillator and horn.

Ultrasonic Milling Quotes Spindle with Different Milling Horn



Frequency: 20khz



Switch:Handle or foot switch

Power adjusting:Step or continuous

Working time control:24hours

Generator:digital generator



Ultrasonic oscillator can be designed as the structure which can clamp a certain range on the basis of requirement of practical application occasion.

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1. The use of ultrasonic digital control generator, all-digital circuit control, anti-interference ability;

2. Frequency, power can be real-time monitoring, power 30-99% adjustable, with automatic alarm protection, easy to operate;

3. According to customer requirements, it can be customized.

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