Ultrasonic Milling In Ultrasonic Assisted Machining System

Ultrasonic milling equipment is mainly used for machining production. It is with high power, high efficiency, suitable for production, with frequency power real-time monitoring, power adjustable and overload alarm function.

Ultrasonic Milling In Ultrasonic Assisted Machining System



            Ultrasonic Milling Generator

Max PowerW


Input Power (V)


Frequency (KHz)





The ultrasonic milling equipment produced by our company has a energy conversion efficiency up to 80% -90% .

Technical Parameters:

1, the product shape: BT40 milling machine handle;

2, the working frequency: 15-21KHz;

3, the resonance point amplitude: 10um or more;

4, speed: 3000 r / min or less

5, matching tool: carbide end mill head Φ2-Φ13; disk cutter Φ50;

Please compare the product model and learn the relevant parameters.

Working environment:

Use of the environment: indoor use;

Humidity: ≤85% RH;

External environment temperature: 0 ℃ -40 ℃;

The space for use: the distance between objects and equipment shall not be less than 150mm, and the heat sink shall not be less than 200mm.


1. The use of high-performance titanium and stainless steel.

2. Automatic control, easy operation

3. Built-in electronic protection circuit, safe to use

4. No plug, no abrasion, no noise, no pressure, no moving parts.

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