Ultrasonic End Milling Machine With Textured Surface

Ultrasonic End Milling Machine With Textured Surface

Specification: Ultrasonic vibration machining physically operates by the mechanism of microchipping or erosion on the work piece's surface. Since the abrasive slurry is kept in motion by high frequency, low amplitude vibrations the impact forces of the slurry are significant causing high...

Ultrasonic End Milling Machine With Textured Surface

Rotary ultrasonic milling is a complex machining mode of diamond milling tool with high frequency vibration along with axial ultrasonic vibration and feed milling motion, and it has excellent processing capacity for hard and brittle materials to provide efficient and effective solution.

Its material removal method is the superimposition of high-frequency vibration, slip, plow and abrasion effects by diamond abrasive grains. The milling parameters such as spindle speed, feed speed, depth of cut and ultrasonic amplitude significantly affect the final work piece surface quality.

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It is commonly used to machine brittle and hard materials. Glass, carbides, ceramics, precious stones and hardened steels are the most common materials machined by USM.

It is very precise machining method and used in the creation of micro-electrochemical system components like micro-structured glass wafers.


Competitive Advantages:

1) This type of process produce less heat.

2) You can do the machining of hard as well as brittle material in it.

3) It can be used for non-circular holes drilling just like in glass.

4) This may be use for hard materials threading.



CE Certification:








1. Q:Is there exist booster on the transducer? What is used for ?

A:Yes, there is a booster, the booster us used for enlarge the amplitude,usually if the amplitude of transducer is about 4~8um, the amplitude of booster will above 10um.

2. Q:If the size of horn changed, will the frequency changed too?

A:Yes, the size of horn is specially design for whole system, our generator can automatically tracking the frequency,the range is about ±1Khz.

3. Q:What are the main advantages of ultrasonic machining compared to traditional machining?

A:1. Reduce processing resistance

2. Improve processing efficiency

3. The tool itself will not stick with debris, to extend tool life

4. No residual processing stress


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