New Product Ultrasonic Fine Processing,used For CNC Machine Tool Accessories

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New product ultrasonic fine processing,used for CNC machine tool accessories

The working principle of ultrasonic milling equipment:

Ultrasonic vibration cutting is a kind of pulse cutting microscopically. In a vibration cycle, the effective cutting time is very short, and it is completely separated from the workpiece and chips for more than 80% of the time. The intermittent contact with the workpiece and the chips reduces the friction, the heat generated is greatly reduced, and the cutting force is significantly reduced, which avoids the "knife" phenomenon in ordinary cutting, and does not produce built-up edge. Using this kind of vibration cutting, precision machining can be carried out on ordinary machine tools. The geometric tolerances such as roundness, cylindricity, flatness, parallelism, and straightness mainly depend on the accuracy of the machine tool spindle and guide rail, and can reach close to zero error. It is possible to replace grinding by turning, reaming by drilling, and grinding by milling. Compared with high-speed hard cutting, it does not require high machine rigidity and does not damage the surface metallographic structure of the workpiece. In the finishing machining of curved contour parts, it is possible to use CNC lathes, machining centers, etc. to perform profiling processing, which can save the expensive purchase cost of CNC grinders.


Technical Parameters:


Product shape: HSK63 milling machine handle

Working frequency: 15-21KHz;

Resonance point amplitude: 10um or more;

Speed: 3000 r / min or less

Matching tool: carbide end mill head Φ2-Φ13; disk cutter Φ50;

Power: 500W 






Payment allowance:


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