BT Series Ultrasonic Milling Equipment Suitable For Ceramic Base Materials

It works in the same way as ultrasonic welding. This process uses ultrasonic waves to generate low-amplitude high-frequency forces that act as a driving force for the abrasive.

BT Series Ultrasonic Milling Equipment Suitable for Ceramic Base Materials


Ultrasonic machining offers a unique blend of capabilities, quality and material compatibility for the machining of engineered ceramics and advanced technical materials. The process is versatile, offering flexibility to meet a wide range of design requirements, and yields high-quality parts with little or no subsurface damage and no heat-affected zone. These benefits make it a valuable resource for the scientists, engineers and designers who are developing tomorrow’s advanced technologies.

An added benefit is that parts machined ultrasonically often perform better in downstream machining processes than do parts machined using more conventional machining methods. The improved performance can result in economic advantages from higher yields, lower scrap and operating costs, and improved efficiencies.


Frequency : 20kHz / 40kHz

Output power : 500watt

Voltage : 110V/220V

Power adjusting : Step or continuous

Working time control : 24 hours

Weight : 30 kg

Application : Ultrasonic Milling

Generator : Digital Generator

Length of cable : 5m


1. The excellent ultrasonic control technology can ensure the stability of long-term machining. Frequency scanning and power setting can be completed automatically by controller to improve productivity.

2. Periodical tool axial vibration decreases the cutting resistance and increases the surface quality.

3. Modular design, equipped with high speed spindle, allows high efficiency machining.

4. Coolant through spindle is available for chip disposal and to reduce tool wear caused by temperature rise and cutting resistance.

5. The roughness of metal cutting surface is around Ra 0.2 µm, it reduces the polishing procedure and achieves the quality of final finishing.

6. The ultrasonic machining technology not only reduces chipping but also has the ability to process micropore machining on hard and brittle materials.



2. Sapphire

3. Alumina

4. Ferrite

5. PCD

6. Piezoceramics

7. Quartz

8. CVD Silicon Carbide

9. Ceramic Matrix Composites

10. Technical Ceramics



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