20Khz 1000W Ultrasonic Milling Machining For Workpiece Processing

Ultrasonic milling process gathering ultrasonic high frequency vibration and spindle rotating in high speed is regarded as the pioneer of high precision and high efficient process technology, applying in elaborate processing for various kinds of materials especially fragile rigid material.

20Khz 1000W Ultrasonic Milling Machining For Workpiece Processing  

ultrasonic assisted machining system (10)

ultrasonic assisted machining system (16)

Basic Introduction:

Ultrasonic processing technology has developed rapidly. It has extensive research and application in the fields of ultrasonic vibration system, deep hole processing, wire drawing die and cavity die grinding and ultrasonic composite processing, especially in the field of difficult-to-machine materials  have achieved good results.




20 Khz

Output Power

1000 W


220 V


Handle or foot switch

Power Adjusting

Step or continuous

Working Time Control

24 Hours


30 KG ( Determined by the size of the horn )


Digital Generator

Main Features:

  1. High effiency

  2. Easy operation

  3. Good surface processing

  4. Higher structural integrity 

Application area: machining industry, machine tool equipment manufacturing.

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