20K Ultrasonic Abrasive Assisted Machining

20K Ultrasonic Abrasive Assisted Machining

Ultrasonic assisted machining is a special machineing in which the surface of workpiece material is gradually broken by using ultrasonic frequency as the tool for small amplitude vibration and by the action of the abrasive free in the liquid between it and the workpiece on the processed surface.

20K Ultrasonic  Abrasive Assisted Machining

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Ultrasonic drilling is a non-traditional, loose abrasive machining process. In this the mirror image of a shaped tool can be created in hard, brittle materials. Material removal is achieved by the direct and indirect hammering of abrasive particles against a workpiece.

In the process of Ultrasonic drilling, material is removed by micro-chipping or erosion with abrasive particles. The tool is oscillated by a piezoelectric transducer and an electric oscillator at a frequency of about 20 kHz. The tool forces the abrasive grits, in the gap between the tool and the workpiece, to impact normally on the work surface, thereby machining the work surface.


Product shape: HSK A63 drilling machine handle
Working frequency: 15-21KHz;
Resonance point amplitude: 10um or more;
Speed: 3000 r / min or less
Matching tool: carbide drilling head Φ2/Φ3/Φ4/Φ5/Φ6;
Power: 1000W

Different models of connectors applied for various machine tools
BT40/BT30/HSK A63


Hard materials such as stainless steel, glass, ceramics, carbide,

Quartz, etc.




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