Newly Defined 20Khz Ultrasonic Ceramic Machining

Newly Defined 20Khz Ultrasonic Ceramic Machining

New Process 20Khz Ultrasonic Ceramic Machining Description: The transducer vibrates the sonotrode at low amplitudes and high frequencies. The sonotrode is usually made of low carbon steel. A constant stream of abrasive slurry flows between the sonotrode and work piece. This flow of slurry allows...

Newly defined 20Khz Ultrasonic Ceramic Machining

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Technical Parameters:



 The ULTRASONIC technology from ALTRASONIC enables the economical machining of complex workpiece geometries in demanding high-tech materials like e. g. ceramics, glass, corundum, tungsten carbide or even composites. 

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Competitive Advantages:

1.Not only round but unsystematic machine can be done as the Ultrasonic drilling machining is longitudinally processed.

2.Ultrasonic system amplitude stability, continuous working time is long;

3.Less than 4% weight loss in drilling on an average.


Q:Can customized, modify,develop products according to the drawing?

A:Yes, we provide OEM service, we can customized products according to the drawings?

Q:What is an amplitude?

A:The amplitude is the movement of the weld tool, and more specifically, the deflection at which the stack expands and contracts – between 5 and 50 µm. As comparison: The diameter of a human hair is only 100 µm. The frequency is the number of oscillations per second. . 35 kHz equal 35.000 movements per second.

Q:If the size of horn changed, will the frequency changed too?

A:Yes, the size of horn is specially design for whole system, our generator can automatically tracking the frequency,the range is about ±1Khz.

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