20khz Rotary Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling Machine

20khz Rotary Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling Machine

New Process 20Khz Ultrasonic Ceramic Machining Description: The transducer vibrates the sonotrode at low amplitudes and high frequencies. The sonotrode is usually made of low carbon steel. A constant stream of abrasive slurry flows between the sonotrode and work piece. This flow of slurry allows...

20khz Rotary Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling Machine



Principle :

    Ultrasonic machining is changing the manufacturing industries with its superlative performance. The main reason why this machining process is used in the manufacturing area is because it evolves less heat in the process. All the operations done with the ultrasonic machining method are cost effective and best in results. Ultrasonic machining is an abrasive process which can create any material into hard and brittle form with the help of its vibrating tool and the indirect passage of abrasive particles towards the work piece. It is a low material removal rate machining process.

Technical Parameters:



1. Products for standardized production, high reliability;

2. Compatible with existing milling machine or machining center interface, can be installed directly;

3. Ultrasonic system amplitude stability, continuous working time is long;

4. The use of ultrasonic digital control generator, all-digital circuit control, anti-interference ability;

5. Frequency, power can be real-time monitoring, power 30-99% adjustable, with automatic alarm protection, easy to operate;

6. According to customer requirements, it can be customized.

Applications :

hard and brittle materials.

Dental,zirconia,chrome,cobalt,,titanium,ceramic, gemstones CFRP,glass,bead,optics,sapphire,alumina,ferrite,PCD,piezoceramics, quartz,CVD Silicon Carbide,Ceramic Matrix Composites,Technical Ceramics,tungsten carbidejewelry,etc.








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Q:How about OEM ?

We provide OEM service ,and if you want printing your own logo on inner box , just send us your logo style ,and the we will give you the quotation.



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