Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Machine High Accuracy Cutter

Ultrasonic rubber cutting principle is through the ultrasonic generator 50 / 60Hz current into 20,30 or 40kHz power. The converted high frequency electrical energy is again converted into mechanical vibrations of the same frequency by means of transducers, which are then transmitted to the cutter through a set of amplitude modulator means which can vary the amplitude. The cutter transmits the received vibration energy to the cutting surface of the workpiece to be cut, in which the vibration energy is cut by activating the molecular energy of the rubber and opening the molecular chain.

Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Machine High Accuracy Cutter


TypeUltrasonic Rubber Cutting Machines
Horn materiaTitanium alloy
Ambient temperature0℃~40℃


Ultrasonic rubber cutter (cutting machine) is composed of ultrasonic transducer (conveter) with cover,blade and generator.


1. Perfect clean cut surface

2. Compact equipment with a wide range of application

3. Scalable machines adjustable to your needs, via our partners.

4. Wide product variety of cutting without any tool changing, like for rubber tires.

5. No diameter, weight or thickness limits

6. Easy to wash down, and easy to maintain





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