Ultrasonic Rubber Cutter System With 40kHz 500W

The Ultrasonic Cutting Systems can easily cut to Food ( Cakes, Pies, Fish, Snack, Meat, baked Cokkies, Chees, Vegatables, Candy, Confectionery, Ice Cream) Rubber, Tyre, Resin, Cloths Non-Woven, Film, Ribbon, CD, Foam, Cardboards, Bonded Textile, Craft items, Glass and composite material in which various products.

Ultrasonic Rubber Cutter System with 40kHz 500W

Descriptions :

Ultrasonic Cutting systems are designed to cut rubber for tyre industries. Ultrasonic Cutting systems can be operated as per attachment with machine or incorporated into automated machinery. 

Specifications :

Frequency : 40kHz

Power : 500watt

Input : AC110-240V, 50-60Hz

Speed : 10m/s in max

Thickness : 20mm in max

Foot switch : available

Machine weight : 4 kg - 16 kg

Cable length : 2m or customized

Power Controller : stepping or continuous

Accessories : foot switch , additional blade

Cooling divice : compressed air mouth can be installed

Material of cutting head : aluminum alloy , stainless steel , titanium alloy

Application : Tire ; Cable foreskin materials ; Hoses ; Gaskets ; Chemical-resistant equipment lining

Features :

1. High speed and efficiency

2. Ensures no deformation of the compound

3. Easy to take , operate and install

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