Ultrasonic Cutting For Automative Carpet

Ultrasonic Cutting For Automative Carpet

Description: Ultrasonic Cutting Machine is a class of device using ultrasonic energy for cutting. Instead of using traditional blade cutting, ultrasonic cutting has its advantages of smooth, reliable cutting, accurate trimming, no deformation, no raising, fuzzing, spinning, wrinkling etc. It can...

Ultrasonic Cutting for Automative Carpet

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The mechanical vibration energy generated by the ultrasonic generator exceeds 20,000 blade vibration per second, which will heat and melt the part of the cutting material, causing the molecular chain to break apart rapidly. thus achieving the purpose of cutting the material, therefore, ultrasonic cutting does not require a particularly sharp blade, nor does it require a lot of pressure, which will not cause breakage and breakage of the cutting material. at the same tine, due to the ultrasonic vibration knife, friction is small, by reducing the material is not easy to adhere to the blade. viscous and elastics, frozen food , rubber or objects which is inconvennient to add pressure to cut, are especially effective.




1.Cut the non-woven fabric or weaving, cut the textile, dress lace and cloth. Edge is cut while sealing.

2.Cut clothing


1. It can seal the fabric during cutting without deformation or warping.

2. No knobby, no silk fabrics, no wrinkles, no rough edges cut.

3.. Simple operation, no need for professional people, saving time and labor

Clean and Precise


A: do you have quality certification for your products?

Q: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of ultrasonic products.Our products have passed the quality certification of CE, TUV, ISO900O, etc.


A: do you have sample inspection service?

Q: Yes, as long as you send the samples to us, our engineers will recommend suitable machines for you, do experiments and shoot video for you. Of course these are free.


A: how long is your warranty.

Q: our product have one year warranty.



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