Ultrasonic Cutter For Thick PVC Neylon Sheets Cutting

Ultrasonic cutting is the use of ultrasonic energy, will be cutting the material of local heating melting, to achieve the purpose of cutting materials, without sharp edge.

Ultrasonic Cutter for Thick PVC Neylon Sheets Cutting



Output Power500watt
GeneratorDigital generator
Size of cutterBlade replaceable
Length of cable3M
Outer skinAluminum
Voltage220V / 110V
AccessoryFoot switch1pc;
1.5mm special hex wrench 1pc;
Screw M3×4L 2pcs
Material of cuttertitanium alloy

The difference between traditional cutting and ultrasonic cutting:

Ultrasonic cutting knife is a cutting equipment using ultrasonic, its main characteristic is not to use the traditional blade.

Conventional cutting uses a tool with a sharp edge to squeeze the cutting material. The pressure is concentrated at the edge of the blade, so great that it exceeds the shear strength of the cutting material, and the material is then cut open. Because the material is cut under strong pressure, the edge of the cutting tool should be very sharp, and the material itself must be under great pressure. Therefore, the cutting effect is not good for soft and flexible materials, especially difficult for viscous materials.


Ultrasonic Cutters can cut difficult-to-cut materials:

● Carbon

● Prepreg materials

● Rubber

● Thermoplastics

● Leather

● Cloth

● Nonwoven fabric

● Paper

● Plastic sheet 



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