Ultrasonic Cutter For Non-metallic Material

Ultrasonic generator It converted the high frequency high voltage AC current to the ultrasonic transducer.

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Ultrasonic cutting machine is a kind of equipment that uses wave energy for cutting. Its biggest feature is that cutting does not use cutting edge. The basic components are an ultrasonic transducer, a booster, a cutting blade (tool head), and a generator. 






Output Power



Digital generator, 452 x 180 x 100mm



Size of cutter

Blade replaceable

Length of cable


Outer skin





220V / 110V


Foot switch 1pc;Cut blade 2pcs;
1.5mm special hex wrench 1pc;Screw M3×4L 2pcs

Material of blade  

 titanium alloy, stainless steel


1. Smooth, reliable and accurate cutting cut.

2. Stable operation, fast cutting speed, non-stick knife, etc

3. It is convenient and quick to use and saves time.

4.Workers will not be tired after long operation

5. Can be connected to the robot arm


Ultrasonic trimming and cutting is ideal for a variety of non-metallic materials including plastics, film, fiberglass-reinforced plastic and non-woven fabrics. Applications include automotive interior components such as door trim, steering wheels, instrument panels, consoles and HVAC molded components, as well as most all injected, vacuum, rotational or blow molded parts for general industry usage.


1. How often do ultrasonic knives have to be sharpened or replaced?

To date, we have only had one instance where continuously run slitting blades showed any signs of wear. The product being slit used sugar crystals as a topping. The ultrasonic knives had been run approximately 3,000 hours and could have been used another 2,000 estimated hours with no ill effects. Since Altrasonic knives have two blade surfaces available, the knives were just turned 180 degrees to use the opposite surface. Slitting knives cutting through abrasive products like cake, cheese or candy (with or without nuts) are still running after three or four years with no signs of wear.

Ultrasonic knife sharpness is not as critical as conventional knife sharpness; the high-frequency vibrations are critical. Note: wrenches, screwdrivers or various other metal objects left on the conveyor belt during operation may necessitate knife rework or replacement!

2. What materials can/cannot be cut by ultrasonic cutters?

Materials that can be cut by ultrasonic cutters are thermoplastic resins, plastics, rubber, cloths, paper, corrugated cardboard, foamed materials, and foods. Sections obtained by ultrasonic cutters are much smoother than those obtained by ordinary cutters. Cutting with less workload can be realized.

3. What is required for running and maintenance?                                        

Blades, blade holders, and square-headed screws are expendables. The blade should be changed when it is broken or worn. We recommend changing the blade holder once every three months−two years, depending on usage. The blade attachment screw should be changed when the blade is changed, or at least once a month. For maintenance, the slit part of the blade holder should be cleaned when the blade in changed, and the oscillator filter should be cleaned once a month.


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