Ultrasonic Cutter With High Frequency

Ultrasonic Cutter With High Frequency

Ultrasonic Hand-held Cutter with Blades R eplaceable for Cutting Thermoplastic and Fabric Specification: 40K ultrasonic multi-function handheld cutter applies to: l Thin plastic products ( Such as plastic film, cell phone case ) l All types of paper, bottom film l Rubber, silicone l Repair of...


 Ultrasonic Cutter with High Frequency

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Ultrasonic cutting uses ultrasonic energy to slice through objects. The edge of the instrument is blunt in comparison to other cutting methods, and actually creates a fusion effect after cutting an object.

An electric pulse is sent through the cutter, creating microscopic vibrations in the blade. These vibrations are so small they cannot be seen or felt. The energy from the vibrations slices through an object with very little pressure required. 







Frozen meat



Print circuit boards


Natural and synthetic fibers



There are numerous benefits of ultrasonic cutting in industrial applications. Some of the main benefits include:

Produces a fusion effect for neat cuts, especially in viscous materials

Can be used for many different types of materials

Creates finely finished and structured objects

Emits less heat compared to other industrial cutting methods

Vibration enables various shapes for cutting holes

Robotic ultrasonic cutting is great for many different applications and provides numerous benefits over more traditional cutting methods.



CE Certification:










How can I perform this test with your ultrasonic cutting machine? Would you have support near our company?

We can offer free test for customers, and we have set technical support partner in most of the country, also the number is increasing. If there is no support near your country, never mind, you can send some of  your cutting samples together with your requirements to us and we will feedback with a best solution for you very soon.


When I use ultrasonic cutting machine to cut the material, What problems do I need to pay attention to?

In order to avoid damage to the ultrasonic elements and the blades in contact with the metal underground, a thin (~5 mm) span of special plastic (PU) must be placed between the underside of the cut material and the tool.


When I find the damage of your product, how can I deal with this?

Feel free to contact our sale engineer, and send them the detailed information with pictures, they will handle the issue or arrange the replacement for your within 24 hours.


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